The Alipore Muslim Association of South Africa was formed by our elders many years ago.  From documents retrieved, it appears that our Constitution was first adopted on 16 December 1942.

Our elders were blessed with foresight and a fountain of knowledge and wisdom.  They correctly assessed the need to assist the people of Alipore in India, and at the same time be of benefit to those who left the shores of Alipore and settled in South Africa.

It was their stated intention to develop a close bond between the people of Alipore descent who had migrated to South Africa, and thus develop a sense of belonging and togetherness, which is the moral fibre of society.

With this in mind, the idea of an organised structure was conceived, and the Alipore Muslim Association was born.

Our elders were always guided by the Shariah in all their activities and it is little wonder that the tenets of Shariah form the basis of the Founding Principle of the Alipore Muslim Association.

The Founding Principle is entrenched in the Constitution and reads as follows  :

The basis of all functions, powers and acts of the Association will strictly be the HOLY QURAAN and the SUNNAH of Rasulullah (SAW) according to the interpretation and accepted views of AHLUS-SUNNAH WAL JAMMAH as expounded by the four recognized Mazaahib kof Jurisprudence.

The objects of the Alipore Muslim Association have been modified at intervals in order to cater for the needs and demands of  changing times, but the essence have been retained. Our elders were passionate in their desire to establish and maintain masaajids and madressahs and the establishment of the Association provided them with an ideal vehicle within which to do so.

They were also concerned about the welfare of our people and the Association formed the basis of structured and organized assistance as part of its social responsibility.

Educating our children was of prime importance to our elders. They assessed, however, that not everyone could afford to educate their children and hence the student loan scheme was devised. Alhamdulillah, many students have benefited from this scheme and have graduated and are practicing in their respective professions. We are proud that this student loan scheme has produced doctors, accountants, lawyers, teachers and many other professionals.

It is encouraging that 70 years after the formation of the Alipore Muslim Association, the current office bearers are following in the footsteps of our founding fathers and are doing their level best to cultivate knowledge (both secular and Islamic) and love for religious ideals and principles of Islam, and to encourage upliftment of Alipurians.