Social Responsibility

We place great importance to our social responsibility. We regard it as a voluntarily assumed obligation towards the good of a larger social unit as opposed to the self alone. It is responsibility which we have to society at large. The principle of social responsibility dictates that we should contribute towards the general wellbeing of humanity.

We live in a diverse community. This, we believe, gives us an opportunity to get involved in various activities for the benefit of society. It allows us to partner and work with a number of community based organisations. By doing so, we have direct experience of the difficulties experienced by those who are less fortunate.

One cannot live in isolation from the community in which one finds oneself.

With this in mind, we have often linked up with various community based and other charitable institutions and are actively engaged in activities for the benefit of society. We have collected funds to assist in natural disasters and other emergencies in conjunction with Gift of the Givers

True satisfaction and meaning in life comes from being able to effect a positive change in a state of affairs that you feel passionately about, be it the welfare of a group of people, or the well-being of orphans and the aged, and generally those who are less fortunate than us.