Student Loans



The Alipore Muslim Association has always placed great emphasis on education. We need to educate our children so that our community can produce creative men and women who will aim for nothing but excellence.

More and more doors are opening for us and we are now exposed to careers and professions which were hitherto closed to us.

We have a duty to educate our children. The western orientated and dominated society into which we live demand that we inculcate in our children a type of knowledge with an Islamic ethos to ensure that we are not swept with the tide. We must ensure that our children acquire fundamental knowledge which they require in order to fulfil their natural functions as human beings. Similarly professional knowledge is a pre-requisite in order to earn a living.

The Alipore Muslim Association is constantly striving to ensure that our young generation who cannot afford higher education are given an opportunity to do so by granting student loans. We have realized that education is a means to improve and benefit our community and the Ummah. In line with this stated policy, the Alipore Muslim Association grants student loans to deserving students to enable them to obtain tertiary education. These student loans are based on and are subject to various criteria, amongst others, financial need and academic performance. All students who are beneficiaries of our student loan scheme are required to submit their academic results to our Association each term and their academic performance is closely monitored. Students are required to apply for study loans on an annual basis.

In order to benefit as many deserving students as possible, our student loans are repayable. Generally, a student who has been granted a loan is required to commence repayment after graduating and as soon as he or she is gainfully employed.

Alhamdulillah, many students who benefited from this scheme have graduated and are practising in their respective professions. We are proud that this study loan scheme has produced doctors, accountants, lawyers, teachers and many other professionals. It has been noted that new applicants are embarking upon studies in fields which were previously closed to them. It is our stated intention, funds permitting, to assist as many students as possible so that our children may enter a wide spectrum of professions. In this way, they will benefit society and uplift the Ummah.