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Invariably and inevitably, during the course of time, some from us depart from this earth. But it is only Allah Ta’ala who gives us the strength to bear our irreparable losses.

It is with deep regret that we must refer to the passing away of Marhoom Hassen Gollam Mohamed Karolia. The present world is little more than a preview of the next world, a fleeting glimpse of the real and lasting blessings which fall to our lot in paradise. Marhoom was 55 and at our age such farewells are becoming more frequent.

The contribution of Marhoom Hassen Karolia to our Alipur Muslim Association and the Ummah was enormous. He certainly has left a legacy which will be difficult to emulate let alone to fill the void.  He never failed to execute responsibilities entrusted to him. He sacrificed his time and resources for the benefit of the Association. His integrity, non partisan standing, along with his wisdom and commonsense made him an iconic figure whose opinions were sought on.  A variety of subjects of public importance – he served as the chair of the AMA in 2009 through to 2011 amongst being active on other social boards; Johannesburg Muslim School, the Fordsburg Clinic, the Central Islamic Trust, Mayfair Jummah Masjid and Madressa and Masjidul Shifa Board. He served the AMA since 2005 and to date he remained on its Board of Trustees.

In this strange world of ours, where good people are a favoured target, there would be no shortage of people who would ask why this Aliporian “Don Quixote is tilting at windmills”. Alas, they would never understand that people of Hassen’s character do not view the world in utilitarian terms where every action is measured in tablespoons against its eventual outcome. Hassen did what he did because he felt it his moral duty to challenge wrongs and confront injustice, and not because he presumed he could end such wrongs by his action. He did what he could, and this sense of duty sustained him down to his last day on earth. I remember Hassen as a rather quite, reticent person who was always neatly dressed but could express his views quite firmly. I found him to be a deeply religiously person but he practised his faith without ostentation and believed that the practice of his faith was not just a matter of observances but was measured by the integrity of his public and personal life. He was deeply devoted to his family and took on the responsibility of supporting his father and his unmarried sister after his mother passed away in 2011.

All these public involvements, together with his stressful attorney duties, took a toll on his health. What could Hassen show for a life lived on edge, where he found little time to enjoy some of its pleasures or to give more time to his family. I believe that what he took on board on his final journey was an awareness that he did what he was capable of doing to demonstrate to his fellow citizens there was a possibility of a better life all than just a few. For his endeavours he earned the respect and love of large numbers of fellow citizens. We are deeply saddened at the passing of a lifelong friend, a good descent and honourable man and grieve with his family.