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We are only Passing Through

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The present world is little more than a preview of the next world. It is a fleeting glimpse of the real and lasting blessings of paradise. We can only begin to grasp the meaning of the boundless joy of eternity if we see our world as a mirror, if we see the good things of this life as a pale reflection of the great blessings of the hereafter. The limited and temporary happiness and luxuries of this world can only give us an inkling of what is meant by the eternal beauty. But, even given an understanding of the ephemerality of the material things of this life, do we ever consider that the blessings of the next life will be ours only if we set out unerringly towards our divine objective, treading the path of righteousness throughout our entire lives.

We must understand that the pleasures of this world are short-lived. When we indulge in them, we will do well to remember how worthless they are as objectives in themselves. We should not become so engrossed in these temporary pleasures that we lose sight of our true objective. One who becomes so engrossed in the temporary pleasures of this world can be compared to a traveller who falls asleep on the railway station platform and misses his train. Even someone who is alert enough to continue on his way must be wary of wayside attractions. He must take care not to become lost in pleasure seeking that he fails to reach his destination.

This world should serve as a constant reminder of the next, for that is where true success lie. Wise is he who prepares during his temporary life on earth for the next all-important and permanent phase of life. We must remember that the time allotted to us to live in this world is so short that we should see ourselves as only passing through it on our way to the next. We must never forget that when we leave this world, we will do so empty handed and without all the material pleasures of human existence. The only thing which we will take with us is our deeds. We have been given this world to live in, with air to breathe and water to drink. We must not lose sight of the fact that before we can enjoy the full benefits of all the gifts and bounties which have been showered upon us by Almighty Allah, death takes us away. And, when we go, we will take with us only our deeds, both good and bad.

It is only those who have lived their lives with constant virtue who will have no need to tremble on the threshold of the world that is to come.

We are indeed only passing through.